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“One day, we all have to go through darkness into the light”.

SPYS and Friends 'Walkabout'

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Sunday the 15th of March was a perfect bright day for the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service’s (SPYS) monthly outreach session organised by SPYS & Friends. This month’s activity named SPYS & Friends 'Walkabout' brought fifty youths together and consisted of a walk around Dingli where the youth got a chance to mingle socially. After the walk, everyone got together for some fun activities and games at Savio College. The afternoon ended off in a traditional SPYS reflection moment and spent some quiet time reflecting in the chapel.

Pasta Night


On Sunday 11th January, SPYS (Salesian Pastoral Youth Service) has followed on its Christmas tradition and organized the annual pasta night at Savio College in Dingli. Although this year a bit later than usual, the activity still managed to attract a very good number of youths most of whom are involved in voluntary work locally and abroad.