The 2010 Pasta Night

Pasta Night  January_2010_8
On Sunday 10th of January, Savio College was alive with chatter, music and laughter – the SPYS and friends annual pasta night! Fr. Paul began the evening by celebrating mass, which focused on the Baptism of Jesus and what baptism means to us today. The guests enjoyed their pasta, whilst listening to the live band, which created a relaxed atmosphere. Afterwards the band organized some games which required both music expertise and the ability to sing! Everybody had a good laugh and hopefully will be eager to attend the next SPYS and Friends activity.

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Written by Bettina Gauci

SPYS and Friends:: Went on a Mission

On a Mission_19 November 09
November’s activity organised by ‘SPYS and Friends’ took us a few minutes walk outside of Manikata on the picturesque cliffs overlooking Golden Bay. Our prayers were answered as we couldn’t have asked for better weather on a lovely Sunday afternoon! A few hours before the activity, some of us where on the cliffs, making the final preparations. The activity involved hiking, team building tasks, getting to know each other better and also collecting ‘ammunition’ for a final skirmish!!! Forty of our friends decided to join us on this little adventure.

SPYS&Friends - Will the true you please step forward?

Who Am I Session 2009_19
October's SPYS & Friends Session had a different feel as the team aimed to bring forward the topic of 'self-discovery'. The session named 'Will the true you please step forward?' consisted of several stages, through which the youth in attendance had the chance to explore more their inner-selfs & come more into contact with what makes them who they are. Each stage gave the attendees a chance for self-reflection using different mediums, mainly: music, colours, pictures & videos. The evening ended on a positive note as the message brought forward was that whoever we are we are precious and have purpose - "When we strive to become better than we are - everything around us becomes better too!"

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SPYS & Friends: Kick-Off Summer BBQ

SPYS & Friends kicked-off summer 2009 with their Annual BBQ on the 3rd of July. Around 50 youth joined in the activity which was based on the theme of friendship. The evening started off with some ice-breaking activities and was followed by a reflection moment on the beach, where those in attendance had time reflect on the friendships they have and be thankful for them. Part of the reflection consisted of a touching story which brought to reality that not every one may have friends & we should help those who don’t.