SPYS Induction Course

During the live in held to recruit new members to SPYS which was held on Saturday 13th December and Sunday 14th December, ten people turned up including myself.

After we settled down, the live in kicked off with an ice breaker session to help us to get to know each other.. Afterwards, we had a session with Mr Stefan Busuttil. With him we discussed the values of Don Bosco and the methods that he used to educate the young and how these still apply in our times. After this session we had a game during which we had to use our communication skills effectively and had to come up with a strategy that works in order to complete the game in the shortest time possible with the least amount of errors. In the evening, we were split into two teams and each team had a number of tasks to complete. These tasks consisted of taking photos in different areas namely the playground, the church, primary school and a house which reflect the teachings of Don Bosco. These were used to inspire the team members about future plans and project ideas with SPYS. The two teams then shared their ideas and exchanged information to help each other to improve and build on their ideas. Saturday came to an end with an evening of relaxation, food and fun.

On Sunday morning, Luca Cacciattolo shared an inspiring story which should be kept in mind especially when dealing with children and youths. We were then provided with "magical" spectacles to help participants build on and look at ideas for the projects thought about the day before from different perspectives.

We were then introduced to various future projects organised by SPYS. Each participant was encouraged to think about and choose the project that they were interested in such as the DBYN project, Everybuddy Matters and the upgrading of SPYS website. The live in came to an end after mass and an optional lunch at Piccolo Padre Restaurant.

I would like to thank Luca Cacciattolo, Louis and Sylvana Debono and Elmer Stanmore for organising such a great live in and to all the participants for such a fantastic experience. Looking forward to working with SPYS in the near future !

Written by Lara Borg