Volunteers Welcome Back

Every year, a number of youths take the opportunity to volunteer some of their time and venture outside of europe as missionaries. This year was not different, and a group of 14 volunteers responded to the Call for Volunteers organised by SPYS. SPYS.Int held preparatory, formation meetings and team building sessions, as well as helped us organise fund raising events for the projects that we were going to be working on in Kenya and in India. SPYS.Int members supported and encouraged us in all aspects of the preparation that entails when visiting a country to work as a volunteer.

After the experience is over, you have to face reality again. Coming back home, you will want to talk about and share all that you have been through; but at times this is difficult for others, who have not shared a similar experience, to understand. SPYS.Int organised one last meeting for us volunteers: the official Welcome Back, an opportunity to share our experiences together. An ending to year long journey where creativity and listening was a key element in expressing our experience. We had to time to share the funny situations we ended up in, from mixing up arrival times and misunderstandings due to language barriers to running after goats and zebras. We also had time to share something which is meaningful for us from our trip, and the story behind it all; and it all ended with some well deserved time to socialise and have a good chat with new friends from 2014.