Experiences, Emotions and Fun !

Hey! Writing about our experience in Belgium brings back a smile on my face. Faye Hamilton, Chanel Borg and myself were given the opportunity to participate in a life changing experience! Voluntary work is truly not just about giving!
On the 4th of July we left Malta for Belgium to join a group of international volunteers -from Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain and Germany. The Belgians, who were part of the EVS team organised the whole programme really well. We felt welcomed right from the start.

We spent 16 days in all in Belgium and they were packed with all kind of experiences, emotions and pleasure. During our first weekend in Genk, we had an intercultural evening. Participants from every country had the opportunity to share typical food, culture and music. We were also very lucky because we managed to watch Belgium play against Argentina on a big screen during the World Cup 2014. Guess which team we supported? During the next two weekends we visited Oostende, a sea side resort, and Brussels. Sheer fun fun fun!

However our main mission was to help out in the running of the summer school during the week days. All the Maltese were situated in Halle, where one of the playgrounds of Don Bosco is situated. Our job was basically to animate the children whose age varied between 3 and 15 years. We danced , sang, played with children and dressed up as different characters (this was the role of Flitzmonis) . We truly felt at home, by the end of the second week we were able to understand some Dutch too! The feeling of satisfaction when the children come just to give you a hug and to ask you to play with them is priceless. We made friends with the volunteers, most of whom visit the playground every year , just because the experience is great and it is never enough!
Unfortunately all good things come to an end but the happy memories will remain forever . I would recommend this experience to everyone. We were welcomed right from the beginning and this experience has helped us to grow personally. We met so many wonderful people who shared their life experiences and who were open to appreciate everyone's capabilities.
I, in the name of Faye and Chanel would like to thank SPYS for giving us this opportunity, all the volunteers who dedicated a lot of time and work to make us feel as comfortable as possible , supported us right from the start and made sure that we make the best out of it. Before closing, I would also like to thank God and Don Bosco ! Thumbs up to the Salesians!