SPYS.int Team Building Activity

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

With a set of preparation sessions to prepare for, projects to contact, fundraising events to organise and volunteers to take care of, Spys.int are one busy team. With the next preparation sessions kicking off soon it was the ideal time for the team to meet up together and recharge their batteries. So last weekend Spys.int got together for a team-building activity. The aim of this weekend was to reflect on the work being carried out by Spys.int, to move forward as a team and strengthen the bond already present among its members, and get the ball rolling for next year's preparation sessions.

The weekend kicked off on Friday night with some card games and lots of nibbles, a perfect opportunity for everyone to relax after a long week of work. The following day dawned bright and sunny, with everyone ready to start off the first session of the day. A facilitator was present to lead the session. The person in question was Charlotte Busuttil, who used to be involved with Spys.int and had been on a volunteering experience in India. This proved to be a bonus as Ms.Busuttil was aware of the group's background and what its work consisted of. This session provided the members with a safe space where they could express their feelings, wishes and ideas for the group. Lunch was followed by a planning session, with next year's preparation sessions as its main focus, as well as the volunteers who will be joining the team as new members. On Monday 18th November these new members will be welcomed into the strong and dedicated team that is Spys.int!

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