Assisting Young Citizens in N.E.E.T.

Assisting young citizens in N.E.E.T. was a DBYN seminar focussed on creating strategies and projects to care for young people which are not in education, not in employment and not in training. This is a group of young people which is growing under the impulse of the European crisis. N.E.E.T.s bring together a diversity of youth who have problems accessing the labour market. Next to those which are "conventionally unemployed, it also refers to young people which are unavailable for the labour market (as caregivers), those which are disengaged due to marginalisation, young people which are waiting for better opportunities to access the labour market and young people which are voluntarily not in the labour market focussing on arts or travelling.

This seminar was a last in a series of three in which DBYN tried to explore the possibilities to engage in this particular field of youth work. In October 2012 we explored at the seminar ‘Don Bosco Here and Now' (Logroño) how the social tradition of the first 70 years of the Don Bosco Movement could be an inspiration for tackling the current crisis hitting young people. The youth seminar ‘No work and All play' in March 2013 (Berlin) we asked young people involved in our fellow member organisations what direction they want to go with this. We had three expert sessions; the first focussed on the Oratory in Valladolid where the youth centre has started up educational services to build the capacity for unemployed young people to access the labour market, and even by creating their own micro companies. Next we visited Don Bosco Waldwinkel, an educational complex offering vocational training for disadvantaged youth. Together with the complex there is a small hotel and also a supermarket owned by the Salesians which offer job opportunities. And finally we had an input from Salesian Teenage Care Dublin, which offer services and housing to disengaged youth. After the inputs of these experts we started developing concrete projects and strategies, steering the network towards catering for N.E.E.T.s.

The seminar was hosted by the Salesianum in Munich, 17-20 October 2013 where 20 participants from 12 different countries took part.

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