Formation Seminar for SPYS

Once again the whole SPYS group got together for a day and a half at the De La Salle house in Mellieha on the 16th and 17th February. Being made up of a number of different task groups, this weekend was a great opportunity for all the groups to get together and share experiences. First, everyone welcomed the new members to the group and got to know each other by means of name games and icebreakers.

This was followed by a session on risk taking during which two major points were developed; Primarily, taking risks does not always have to have a negative connotation and secondly taking risks can be done in different ways, such as risking by opening up to one another in order to strengthen and improve friendship.

Our next session focused on positive attitude and how it affects our everyday life in a good way. We learnt that there are five steps towards having a good attitude. It helped us to look at life with the right attitude even in the worst of times. The session was presented to us by Mr. Joe Debono and it was very motivating to have a session by a speaker outside SPYS.

The session we had on Saturday evening consisted of different card games, which were placed on different tables and once the game is done play the winner needs to move in one direction while the loser in the other direction. This game made us realize how every small group has their own set of rules and how it may be difficult for newcomers to adapt to the group's rules. It is important for both the established group members and the newcomers to be open and ready to adapt, as well as explain the rules to others to make it easier for them to fit in.

On Sunday we had a brainstorming session during which we came up with ideas for different monthly events, which will keep the whole SPYS group energetic with activities. With all these events we could split ourselves up into groups therefore in some way or another everyone could be involved.

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