Committing Ourselves

On Saturday 10th of November, SPYS were invited to facilitate a morning session for Kummissjoni Festa Esterna Fgura. The group was at their annual live-in, held at Savio College, Dingli. This was the fourth consecutive year that SPYS were asked to deliver such a session.

After some ice breakers, the group was divided into two, and they were presented with two challenges. One challenge consisted of crossing from one point to another with limited resources and the other challenge consisted of forming various shapes with a rope where team members were limited in different ways. Both these activities enabled the participants to work as a team.

The second half of the session, focused on commitment to the team with brainstorming on aspects of commitment, both individually and as a group. The four subgroups, each thought of five points which they would commit themselves to work on during the upcoming year. These were combined and then narrowed down to a final list for the whole group to commit to.

The final activity, which was to put a puzzle together, reminded all the participants of their valuable contribution to the group. This annual live in is an opportunity for this group to focus on group dynamics, so that they will work successfully to reach their aims.

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