Sharing of Experiences

The volunteers who embarked into an experience in India, Ghana and Kenya, had the opportunity to share the good, the bad and what could have been better during their adventure in one of the three countries. The evaluation session, the second of its kind after the volunteers came back from their experience, kicked off with an energizer which got everyone up and dancing on their feet.

Profound individual experiences together with photos and objects which each volunteer had to bring as a reminder of their experience, were shared and mixed in cocktail of memories of love, joyful smiles and above all, nostalgia. Some emotions were found to be common for all while others, were emotions which probably only a few could comprehend. One thing is sure - the experience was all set to stay in each of our memories for ever.

An interesting factor which came out during one of the last parts of the evaluation is that almost all of the volunteers felt they have received more than they gave during their experience. It was a sentiment which, once shared, others all nodded their heads in approval.

Finally, SPYS volunteers let the visual sense take over, by sharing some photos of their experience. The photos were taken in different places, but they all portrayed one truth; the smiles on the children faces, which was made possible thanks to the Maltese volunteers who decided to spend some weeks with the most in need.

written by Gabriel Schembri (Maltese Volunteer)