EBM Weekend

The long awaited EBM weekend finally took place on the 5th, 6th and 7th October in Marsaxlokk Activity Centre. The participants who had been following the EBM project since May, together with the team met up with guest animators, Nico and Agnieska. Nico and Agnieska, who are professional animators, were invited to lead this seminar so as to teach the participants new skills as well as the art of street animation. This weekend was held as part of the preparation for the final EBM event in Valletta, to be held on 14th, 15th, 16th December.

Friday evening, started off with a few interesting games and an introduction to animation. The participants also got the chance to get to know each other better as well as interact with Nico and Agnieska, through a series of games, which can be used for animation. The evening finished off with a reflection to motivate us to do great things!

Saturday morning involved making large bubbles and also techniques used in clowning. After lunch a brainstorming exercise was done to generate ideas for the final event with focus being made on concrete plans. Nico and Agnieska, then presented the steps involved in street animation, whilst allowing the participants to take part in the show so as to get a feel of things. The participants, then gathered together to celebrate Mass with Fr. Jeremy SDB. After supper, everyone was involved in preparation for the 'practical workshop', which was to be held the next day on the streets of Marsaxlokk. A discussion was held and then the participants had the chance to try out some activities they would be able to use the next day! The reflection was followed by an amazing fire show by Nico and Agnieska, some of the more courageous participants were also able to practice some skills using fire.

Sunday morning was the day, all that had been learnt during the weekend was put into practice. After painting faces and wearing costumes, we were ready to be let loose on the public. A positive energy and lots of noise, turned heads in Marsaxlokk and seemed to catch the attention of the public. A crowd gathered to watch the show put up in the Church square and then the participants dispersed to interact with the public in smaller groups. We then moved to another destination, were we attracted the attention of children with lots of bubbles ! Nico and Agnieska, finished off by putting up there own street show, so together with the public we had the opportunity to watch professionals in action. The afternoon was then spent evaluating this practical workshop and to get some tips on how we can improve for the final event. Some further brainstorming and plans were made for preparations to lead up to the final event. Overall, this was a very successful weekend with a positive outcome, that inspired and encouraged all involved for the final event !