SPYS Annual Weekend 2012

The annual SPYS weekend was a great success this year, it was held onthe 19th, 20th and 21st October at the De La Salle house in Mellieha.The great weather and breathtaking views were an added bonus to this weekend.
Friday started off with some group games and icebreakers to ensurethat all SPYS members were introduced to one another. The evening then continued with a walk and some group tasks along the Mellieha coast, ending with some more games on the sand to build our team spirit.

Saturday morning a guest speaker, Mr. Joe Debono, gave a session to allow us to reflect on traits associated with positive thinking. We discovered our strong points and our weaknesses; we then had the chance to learn some tips on how to boost our weaker traits with group workshops. This gave everyone an opportunity for formation and self-reflection.

Fr.Jeremy led the Salesianity session in the afternoon focusing on Don Bosco's preventive system, which is easier caught than taught. We had the time to share our experiences on how the preventive system has influenced our lives.
Saturday evening tested our general knowledge and negotiation skills,with a session mimicking a game show. After everyone had a good laugh,we got down to business, focusing on strategies which can help to improve SPYS as a whole and help us to reach our goals.

A challenge of sexes, with trivia questions, tyre changing and application of make up ended our Saturday night.
An update from all task groups started off our Sunday session andbrought us up to speed with all that is currently happening in SPYS. Our final session began with brainstorming about several original slogans for SPYS. As individuals and groups, we then reflected on the values that are most important to us in SPYS. We also had a look at all the activities that took place in 2012 and how these values featured; any room for improvement was noted.

Throughout the weekend, there were several moments dedicated to reflection. Fr.Paul Formosa also celebrated Holy Mass on Saturday and Sunday. This weekend was a welcome opportunity for all SPYS members to touch base and to generate ideas and enthusiasm for the year ahead.


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