Lifelong Engagement After Voluntary Experience

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Vienna, Austria (17th - 20th November)

Ghana, Ethiopia, Mexico, Bulgaria, Russia, Belgium, Poland, Holland, India, Sudan and more were all visited by different youths, and now all these youths met in Vienna. More than 20 youths from all around Europe spent 3 days in Vienna and had the most inspirational, motivating and fun weekend.

During "Lifelong Engagement After Voluntary Experience" we all focused on European citizenship, where we were motivated to use the "global experience" which we acquired during our international voluntary service to make social change in our "local environment". During our stay we first shared the experiences of our voluntary services and then tried to see how we can transform all the energy and ideas into a renewed engagement as a volunteer in our local communities.

Through sharing moments, creative workshops, presentations, evaluations and discussions in smaller groups we all got to know each other, learnt new experiences and started to think on how and what we can do in our home countries. During an exchanging market session, we came up with a good number of projects that can actually be implemented in several countries. All these projects will all enhance the importance of Active Citizenship.

By the end of the weekend everyone had great ideas of how they can develop ideas from their own volunteering experience and apply them on a local level. It was a very fruitful experience for all of us and I would like to thank all the participants, the trainers and also the hosting team!

Written by Michelle Mifsud (Maltese Volunteer)

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