A Recipe for SPYS Success

SPYS Team 2011-2012
Forty-five members from the various task groups involved in SPYS, came together for a
weekend of formation and team building. The weekend was held in Marsaxlokk, from the
30th September to the 2nd October.

The weekend started off with a treasure hunt in the village of Marsaxlokk, with each team
working together to complete all the tasks on their list. In this atmosphere of laughter and fun,
the participants, some of who were still new to one another, began to bond.

On Saturday morning, the groups' knowledge of SPYS was put to the test! Through a series
of questions, mimes, anagrams and even sculptures, the groups competed against one another
to discover their opponent's knowledge of SPYS.

The group then moved on to a session concerning 'The Top 10 Ingredients for SPYS'. Several
important points came out of the discussion about the ‘ingredients' which are essential for
SPYS to continue its work, some of these were spirituality, creativity and volunteering.

During the afternoon the ingredients were put into a recipe! The session focused on creativity
and skills development, with each group preparing a sketch on a topic, these were then
presented to the whole group. A discussion was then held regarding the skills that each
person has to offer to SPYS and how they can be put into practice. Saturday evening was
spent socialising, with everyone enjoying each other's company.

Sunday morning, the future of SPYS was considered, with each group discussing topics such
as formation, resources and potential projects. The weekend was concluded with mass held
by Fr. Paul, during which friendships were strengthened.

The weekend was a successful one, both in terms of building a united team as well as
outcomes regarding the future of SPYS!