Car Wash in Aid of Volunteering Projects

Car Wash 2011_2
Through SPYS, a group of 14 youths, fresh to the Salesian community, and two veteran leaders are embarking on a mission that will change their lives and the lives of many children and young people in Kenya, Ghana and India.

On June 4, 2011, together with other members from SPYS, the team organised a car wash in the parking area of Tigne Point complex. The objective was to serve as a means of fund raising for a task assigned to the volunteers during their stay within the assigned projects. The task is to start a new project within the hosting community to enhance the experience of the children residing in the project. In the past years we have seen computer labs and night shelters being erected.

In just 5 hours, 75 cars were washed and a total sum of € 650 was collected. An extra of € 120 were donated by Alison Gauci. Some local authorities also came especially for the car wash to support the team. Throughout the event, the spirit and enthusiasm of the team was evident and made the event a successful one.

Special thanks go Kevin Baker (Manager - SIS, MIDI) and Alison Gauci (Key Account Manager - Alert Creative) who helped the by providing the premises and promoting the event. Thanks also go to the members of SPYS.