10 years of Strength and Hope

DBYN 10 Years Logo
10 years Don Bosco Youth-Net, 10 years strength and hope, 10 years of networking, exchanging ideas, coming together, getting to know each other, working for and with young people.

What is DBYN about, how did it develop and why it's still there? Lots of questions and if we would ask people who took part in various activities the past ten years we would get a lot of different answers.

2001 - 2011 strength and hope: In the last ten years nobody knew how the network would develop and what concrete directions it would go in, but we always looked back on our roots which were: working for and with young people in the special style of Don Bosco in an international context.

10 years of strength: There are a lot of strengths inside DBYN and we only can mention a few at this special place: First of all the young people who are DBYN with all their talents, their power and energy, their ideas and idealism in building and working together. Next to that the Salesian communities, their roots and their structure around Europe in the various countries. Last but not least, the European institutions and funding who offered the financial backing to let things happen and grow.

10 years of hope: Not just to hope that applications for project funding were accepted, but mainly to realise hope through the work of the young people and all enthusiasm volunteers around the network showed. And the hope continues. The very fact that DBYN survived 10 years is a great sign of hope, not as a structure, not as an organisation, but as a reality which offers a lot to Europe and young people of today.

This is our hope, that all the strength and hope continues not for a selfish reason, but to show God´s love and care for young people and to realise the spirit of Don Bosco in the 21st century.