YES Lenten Talks at Senglea

The Salesian Pastoral Youth Services (SPYS) task group YES (Youth Engage Senglea), which last year animated for the first time ever a two-week summer camp for young Senglea residents at the Salesian community in Senglea, organised a three day program of lenten talks which were attended by around twenty youths from Senglea. 

The lenten talks focused on three particular themes: To Give, Honesty and Relationships.   The idea was for each of the participants to understand the importance every Christian makes in his / her daily life when trying to follow Jesus, using YES as a signature phrase.


The 'To Give' theme demonstrated a youth trapped in his comfort zone (involving computer games, facebook, mobile phones) not realizing that outside that same comfort zone lies a greater world involving other people and greater opportunities.   The 'Relationships' theme focused on a game, which was a simulation of a meeting of two cultures illustrating that it is not always easy to understand people who are different from what one is used to.  The final day concentrated on 'honesty' where the fact that being honest is not always easy was highlighted in a play performed by the youths.  Each day was ended by a short reflection and a prayer.