Night Hike and Car Hunt

Christina's Group
As a relatively new section of the SPYS team called YOUNG SPYS, it was noticed that we did not know enough about the other members involved in our youth organization. Hence we decided to send an open invitation to everyone working with SPYS to join us on a small hike through the outskirts of Dingli so that we could get together and socialize as a team. Although it was a chilly night this event brought together more than twenty SPYSers and it was successfully a joyful and relax night out.

                Since YOUNG SPYS organized this event for SPYS, it was now time for SPYS to take their revenge and coordinate an event for us. Hence on the following day, which happened to be the 19th of March we were asked to divide ourselves in three groups of four, with each group appointing a driver, so that we could all go on a car hunt. Although searching for old Maltese Lira notes and milk bottles proved to be an arduous task, this event helped a lot in the further increasing the bonds between us in a very fun and exciting manner. Finally we all met up in Mellieha where we shared our food and stories around a warm, blazing bonfire.

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Written by Nicholas Vassallo