Working Together as a Team

Team Building Session for Savio College Form 3G_1
It was a cold afternoon as we headed towards the steps of Savio College to prepare a session concerning the theme of "Team Building". A crowd of enthusiastic boys entered the hall with eager faces. They quickly settled down as we explained how "pass the invisible ball" worked. After some time, when they got the hang of it, they quite enjoyed it and the hall was filled with loud voices and laughter.

For the next game, the boys were divided into four groups and instructions, materials and rules were given to build a bridge. Time was allocated for the task and the boys quickly began. When time ran out, the bridges were tested and the boys gathered for a short discussion. They were shown a clip from the film "Facing the Giants", which showed how the athletes managed to succeed due to the coach's trust in them.

The boys were then asked a series of questions to help them to reflect on and understand what the session was about. The afternoon ended with a quick thanks as the boys ran to prepare for their dinner. As part of the organizing team, we were satisfied with how the afternoon went and the involvement of the boys in this session.