Becoming a Better Team

Teamwork Session KFE Fgura November 2010_8
During the weekend of the 19th to 21st of November a Youth group from Fgura, ‘Kummissjoni Festa Esterna Fgura' organized a live-in at Savio College.

On Saturday afternoon, SPYS were invited to participate by giving a session on ‘Teamwork'. The session kicked off with a human statue game, followed by a variety of parachute games. The participants were then given the opportunity to demonstrate their bridge building skills. The last part of the session was dedicated to a discussion, to talk about how the group worked as a team, during the bridge building activity and how these can be applied to real life situations.

This was not the first time that these two groups worked together, and we look forward to working together again in future. SPYS congratulates Kummissjoni Festa Esterna Fgura for all the good work they put into organizing the parish feast and wish them all the best of luck for next year's feast.


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