Training Future Don Bosco Youth Net Trainers

 Don Bosco trainers for Youth in Action- Malta November 2010_1
For the second time in its history Don Bosco Youth-Net ivzw has organised a training course to train new trainers. Don Bosco trainers for Youth in Action was a 6-day training programme which develops the competences of the participants to become active as a trainer on European youth projects within the framework of Don Bosco Youth-Net ivzw. The training course was build-up as a modular system. For each module during the week there was theoretical input, practical training, evaluation and individual coaching. The modules were 1) general training skills,2) safeguarding, 3) conflict management, 4) Don Bosco style and 5)evaluation. Throughout these modules, all practical exercises are based on situations trainers can encounter running Youth in Action projects. At the same time all participants were assigned to a personal mentor who follows-up on their individual learning process.

The training course took place at Savio College in Dingli, Malta during the first week of November 2010. It brought together 23 participants from 11 EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Malta, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The main aim of the training course is to strenghten the practice within Don Bosco Youth-Net ivzw to set-up European youth projects for and by young people. This training course ensures that there is an influx of young volunteers who are competent of setting up and leading qualitative Youth in Action programmes within Don Bosco Youth-Net.