Dream, Dare, Do…

SPYSteam 2010/2011
This was the theme for the annual SPYS weekend held on the 17th, 18th and 19th September. Friday night, under the stars in a peaceful atmosphere of Ramla Beach, the SPYS team had time to reflect on their dreams for SPYS. They let their imagination run wild, about what they would like to achieve for SPYS, if they could.

The theme ‘Dare' was started off on Saturday morning, with a ‘Casino' scene where bets were won and lost. A variation of ‘Truth or Dare' also helped SPYS to tackle sensitive issues within the group.

And finally, ‘Do'. Everyone was challenged to make their dreams for SPYS a reality. Three proposals for the next year were worked on, with the group coming up with concrete plans of exactly how these can be accomplished.

This weekend motivated the team and was a good opportunity for SPYS to look ahead to the coming year.