Did you.. Ringy Dingy?

Ringy Dingy Party_1
Haiti. 12 January 2010, 16:53. The word 'Normality' took an entirely new meaning in Haite, where the earthquake wiped out the majority of the Salesians' buildings in the country, including the vocational school and orphanage. Fast forward to 27 March and you could... Ringy Dingy to help raise funds for the Salesians' relief efforts. Congratulations and thanks go to the organisers, sponsors, and all those who made Ringy Dingy, a party with a 50's and 60's theme, a success, including of course all those who attended. Suffice to say that €1,925 were raised through Ringy Dingy!

The costumes were varied and colourful, the music great, and the crowd awesome! Those who attended commented that it was different, entertaining, had good music, and was a great opportunity to meet old friends (and of course dance the way well into the early hours of Sunday)! Need we add anything more to those wonderful comments? Perhaps one small question: Will you attend the next SPYS.int fundraising party?

You can help earthquake victims and assist the Haitian Salesian community, which saw more than half their 11 schools in Haiti destroyed, by sending a cheque to Fr Eric Cachia, Salesian Oratory, 20, Karm Galea Street, Sliema or on Salesians: Emergency Haiti HSBC account 085111 995050.