From Experience to Action - DBYN Seminar for International Volunteers

DBYN Experience to action
“From Experience to… Action”. That was the title of a seminar organised by Don Bosco Youth Net for international volunteers from the network’s organisations, one of which is SPYS. I was fortunate enough to be one of the participants in this workshop, held in Munich between 19 and 22 November 2009. The programme kicked off with the volunteers, many of whom had not met before, getting to know each other. From there on it was a case of sharing volunteering experiences, learning about what it takes to be an active citizen, understanding what support is offered by the European Commission for “Youth Initiatives”, and writing out a sample application form for EU funding.

All this happened while living in a Salesian community, which of course means more networking with fellow volunteers during free time. In the end, irrespective of whether it was an exchange of greetings, a discussion within a group, acting of comic scenes, playing a quick game, or simply relaxing together, there is no doubt that all participants left the workshop richer for the experience, and perhaps also ready to commit themselves to do something on a local scale to follow on from their international voluntary work experience!

written by David Leone Ganado