SPYS and Friends:: Went on a Mission

On a Mission_19 November 09
November’s activity organised by ‘SPYS and Friends’ took us a few minutes walk outside of Manikata on the picturesque cliffs overlooking Golden Bay. Our prayers were answered as we couldn’t have asked for better weather on a lovely Sunday afternoon! A few hours before the activity, some of us where on the cliffs, making the final preparations. The activity involved hiking, team building tasks, getting to know each other better and also collecting ‘ammunition’ for a final skirmish!!! Forty of our friends decided to join us on this little adventure.

The participants were split in two groups and were presented with a fictional story set in Medieval Malta full of Knights, Kings, Princesses and an eternal feud between two rival families. Each group represented a noble family. The idea was to go for a walk on two separate paths and along the way perform a number of group tasks to build the teams. The story was presented to the groups in stages and upon the successful completion of each stage, the groups were presented with another piece of the map to continue the walk. As they progressed, the groups also had to locate and collect ammunition (water balloons!) and build a relic!

The walk culminated in a water balloon battle between the two rival factions… It was nice to see that almost no one heeded our advice to bring a raincoat!!!

Before we knew it, the sun was setting behind the distant clouds and we closed off the event with a short reflection.

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