SPYS.int Brush-Up their Teamwork

When a group is too busy preparing and implementing things throughout the year… it is easy to forget about the needs of the group itself. With SPYS.int being a dynamic task group of young returning volunteers, thus with new blood joining the team every year, it was inevitable that after its fourth year of sending volunteers, the group took the opportunity to have a teambuilding activity organized to better the quality of the service it already provides.

We didn’t need to look far and wide to find someone to run a teambuilding session for us. SPYS.int is a task group within the SPYS structure… so all that was needed was to ask some SPYSers who are not involved with SPYS.int, and have them run the session for us.

The very able hands and minds of Dawn, Dorothy, Elmer, Nadine and Tara had the SPYS.int group come together in Balzan working on an excellent game which involved a bit of brain wrecking, paper structures and facing situations of crisis, frustration and determination all at once.

The culminating point of the session was the moment of sharing thoughts about the past, present and the way forward of SPYS.int. By seeing how we could apply the game to the realities of our dynamic task group, we could discuss and reflect about the challenges we all face in the team.

“It was an excellent opportunity to level out the natural differences between the newcomers and those who’ve been here for quite a while. It should set a level-playing field of energy and commitment in the team.” - Matthew

After we fed our team with new skills and new energy, it was time to feed our bellies with a snack, that definitely came down very well for all of us!

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