You(th) for Human Rights – Belgium

Yout(th) for Human Rights Congress_1
An international youth congress was held on 15th to 18th October in Oasecentrum, Dilbeek, Belgium where over 50 youths from around Europe contributed views and experiences related to Human Rights. All these were done in relation to the Preventive System.

Four Maltese participants had the opportunity to be part of this congress. Christina and Dawn from SPYS, and Claudia and Robert from DBVS represented the Maltese Salesian Community. Throughout the congress different workshops, international markets and information meetings were held where the participants gathered further knowledge regarding the topic.

Such information was found to be very crucial for all youth groups. One must always bear in mind how community work is highly influenced by so many different factors, which society itself has brought about. This congress therefore resulted to be a very important source of education for us as youth workers to enhance our knowledge and skills in reaching out in the best possible and a more effective manner.

Stay tuned for more information on a local Human Rights Congress to be held in the near future.

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