Adult training weekend

Discovering yourself, accepting what you are and how others are made up and then understanding how you make your life work, sounds like a difficult and often painful task. Many of the participants in the workshop about the Enneagram shared these feelings upon arrival for the weekend seminar organized by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service (SPYS), in Savio College, Dingli. But the two experienced international presenters from Ireland, Eddie Fitzgerald SDB and Ellis Bergin PBVM, immediately created a relaxed and at the same time intimate atmosphere which made the inward journey a liberating and often enjoyable experience.

The 85 adult participants are all involved in work with youth and the media. By the conclusion of the weekend many bonds were created, the most important of which was the meeting with the real self within: a unique and wonderful self which is often left undiscovered behind clouds accumulated during life's stormy experience.

This seminar was one of a series of encounters addressed to adults involved with youth. Through these activities, the SPYS aims to enable the participants to be more effective leaders and builders of a better society.