EveryBuddy Matters... Good Practice Award

EveryBuddy Matters is a SPYS project which started off in the last years. Last year there was a call for participants: young people who wanted to help the people around them, overcoming all barriers created by society, learn about animation and performing arts and using them to reach out to all people.

SPYS Christmas Party 2013

Another year has passed, it's time to celebrate Christmas and the end of another eventful year. So prepare the place, get out the decorations, put up the music, put together some photos, invite all the SPYSers, and there you go, you've got the recipe of one great party.

Hands on Volunteering

With rain pouring down in bucketfuls, a group of Spysers got together to spread some Christmas cheer at Dar San Guzepp in St.Venera. At the moment Dar San Guzepp houses 18 youngsters, who for some reason or another, are unable to live with their families. Fr. Frankie Cini is the director of the home. Together with carers and volunteers, Fr.

Touching Lives Through Sport 2013

During the weekend between Friday 15th and Sunday 17th November, twenty-seven University students attended a residential seminar organized by SPYS (Salesian Pastoral Youth Service). ‘Touching Lives Through Sports' is aimed at teaching young adults how to educate and develop children's creativity and physical education by means, and with the help, of sports.

SPYS.int Team Building Activity

"The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team."

Building a Stronger Team

On Sunday 20th October, SPYS held a teamwork session for the Salesian Worship Team, as part of their weekend live-in.

Assisting Young Citizens in N.E.E.T.

Assisting young citizens in N.E.E.T. was a DBYN seminar focussed on creating strategies and projects to care for young people which are not in education, not in employment and not in training. This is a group of young people which is growing under the impulse of the European crisis. N.E.E.T.s bring together a diversity of youth who have problems accessing the labour market.

An Enriching Experience in Kenya

And so it was. Fourteen volunteers, including four members from SPYS.int, headed off for four weeks in Kenya during the month of August. While in Kenya, the group volunteered on three different projects, namely the Salesian schools in Langata and in Makuyu, as well as the St Therese Development Center in the vicinity of Naivasha.

Summer School of Entrepreneurship in Alicante, Spain

From the 2nd to the 9th of September, a group of 5 youths were given the opportunity to attend a week-long summer school experience in the city of Alicante in the south of Spain. It was an unforgettable week full of laughter and fun, balanced with basic Spanish-language lessons, busy workshops and sessions aimed at equipping the participants with skills of social entrepreneurship.

A Short EVS in Holland

Last month, Caroline and I spent 4 weeks in Holland, 3 weeks of which were volunteering with the kids of Don Bosco at Vakantiebos. During our stay, we got the opportunity to live in a community with volunteers from all around Europe; Moldova, Slovakia, Iceland, Hungary, Sweden, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Georgia, Macedonia as well as Bosnia!