Malta Reaches out to Bosco Boys

The boys at the Langata School, Kenya are between 6 to 13 years old. They are often referred to as street boys. The best way to explain this in a few words is that they live for the present without a thought of tomorrow since it is a challenge to get by every single day.The Bosco School offers them the chance to make some plans for their future since they are given a secure place to live, where food, water and a bed are guaranteed. They teach them importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness of their surroundings.

My Experience in India

After postponing my dream for a few years, this year I finally decided to take the plunge. Thanks to SPYS, I made my way alongside another volunteer to the land of extremes, the land of spices, the land which shook me to the core. Being a volunteer in India has opened my eyes a fraction. I'm aware that there is still much to learn, but experiencing such an extreme culture shock has uprooted me from my comfortable Western world and basically taught me how to live.


"Obroni...Obroni..." ("White Man...White Man..."). This is the first word one normally learns in Twi (one of the dialects/languages spoken by Ghanaians) as soon as one arrives in Ghana. Right...Ghana, the country of smiles and contradictions! The persons teaching you this word will not be the conventional tourist guides or the formal uniform-wearing officers at the airport but a bunch of small children grouped military on the pavement sharing a large smile clearly exposing their bright white teeth and waving rigorously only with their right hand palm fully open.

EveryBuddy Matters Updates


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Smiling Faces, Spicy Food and Feelings We Never Get to Experience Elsewhere!

As anyone who has ever undergone such an experience, I find it really hard to describe the feast of emotions that we experienced while volunteering in India and putting it into simple words, isn't easy as it looks.

Meet Me Too

On the 2nd of September, a group of 5 youths started their journey to Spain to attend the Meet Me TOO exchange. The exchange took place in El Campello (Alicante), where 35 young participants, from ages 18 to 27, met for this great experience and opportunity to share their cultures. The 7 counties that participated in this exchange, (Malta, Belgium, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, UK and Germany), came together to experience a cultural and educational week through adventure and non-formal learning.

Three Weeks of Activities at Vakantiebos

This summer Melanie Spiteri and I participated in the Dutch Summer School known as Vakantiebos, organized in Rijswijk. The event was prepared by Dutch volunteers, who together with the help of youth from all over Europe aim to reach children of ages from four to sixteen. The month-long experience exposes youth to the different European cultures, while at the same time provides space for personal growth while helping others.

“I am what I am ! – European Youth Week 2012

As August started, so did our journey in Munich. Little did we (Simon Mallia, David Camilleri, Jacob Spiteri, Matthew Alfino and myself) know what adventures awaited us once we arrived!


We can´t remember the day that we started to speak about the possibility of stay in a Summer Camp in Malta. We were very nervous and excited because this was the first time that our Youth Centre had an experience like this. Lot of hours and e-mails in front of the laptop made possible that our stay in Malta became true.

Two weeks as an animator at SPYS – YES: Youths Engage in Senglea, Summer Camp

A dear friend of mine who is a member of SPYS (Salesian Pastoral Youth Service) months ago told me about the YES Senglea Summer Camp that the organisation was planning for July. I had been on the lookout for opportunities where I could be more involved in the community, so this project sounded like a meaningful idea.