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Photo of the Day 0
Day 0 started off with a lot of sweat and final touches for the Maltese Host Team, sun & beach for the Polish, ESpanish and British participants whilst the Slovak participants enjoyed a nice walk to Dingli Cliffs. It's a hard life in Malta.

Spain: Nice Country, Nice People, Nice Experience

Spain Summer Camp July 2011_1
I have been asked by SPYS to attend a 1 month long Summer Camp in Spain. I was accompanied by Rachel Attard. After we have been given the contact numbers of the person in charge of the Summer Camp in Spain we made the necessary contacts and prepared everything for the day on which we had to leave. On the 2nd July we left Malta to Barcelona. We took the train to Monzon a city in the Aragon region in Spain. We met our leader and we were driven to our destination. On our way we admired the nice countryside and the beautiful nature.

Playground Europe

Playground Europe - Slovenia July 2011_2
A group of five Maltese youths were eagerly waiting to spend a whole week full of activities on the mountain of Pohoje in Slovenia. Finally the day arrived when we met other 40 youths from 8 different countries from around Europe. The youth exchange focussed mainly on intercultural learning and European citizenship through play. Through several activities, discussions and games, different topics like values, conflicts and creativity were discussed.

YES Please, I'm Hungry

YES BBQ July 2011_3
One week down and one week to go. Midway through the Youths Engage in Senglea (YES) Summer camp it was the perfect moment to organise a relaxing event for the volunteers themselves, and hence a BBQ was organised on the roof of the Isla convent. The event was open to all SPYS members, the YES volunteers and the Salesian community in Isla.

MEET-ME PhotoHunt Trial Run

MEET-ME PhotoHunt Trial Run July 2011_1
As the newest group in SPYS (YoungSPYS) we are aiming at giving the multicultural exchange we are organizing a new innovative and adventurous feel to what previous exchanges usually offered. Hence as a team we are trying to be as creative as possible in the organization of activities throughout MEET-ME. However we are also very willing to learn from what experience the other SPYSers have gathered throughout the years of participating in such activities in order to ensure that our activities are both enjoyable and meaningful.

Two Week Experience in Belgium

 Belgian Playgrounds 2011_1
After enduring weeks of exam pressures, the end of June saw me looking forward to an exciting new experience serving as an animator alongside Mark for two weeks in Belgium. Admittedly, as we got on the plane, I felt a bit nervous, completely not knowing what to expect. However, these early nerves were completely wiped away in the first weekend, where we met with the other internationals who were also to be animators, albeit in different places, and the trainers prepared us for what was to come in the following two weeks.

Send Off Activity

Send Off Activity July 2011_5
An important date in the SPYS calendar is the send off event. After 7 months of preparation for the volunteers to be well-prepared for the voluntary experience abroad, the closure of all the sessions was highlighted by the send off activity which was held on the 11th of July, 2011. A mass was held at Dar Frate Jacoba which was followed by a pasta night.

MEET-ME Advanced Planning Visit

MEET-ME APV _June 2011
11th July 2011, Rabat (MALTA), Between the 8th and 10th of July, group leaders from 8 different
countries came together in sunny Malta to organise and go through the preparations for this
summer's MEET-ME (Malta & Europe Exchanging Traditions - Multicultural Exchange) Youth in
Action project which will be held between the 8th and 16th of August 2011 within Savio College,

Fundraising car wash in aid of the Ghana projects

Car Wash for Projects in  Ghana_July 2011
This Summer, no fewer than 8 Maltese volunteers will be heading off to Ghana to spend 4 weeks with the Salesian communities in this African country. While there, they will organise a Summer camp in Adentia for about 200 children, where they will teach the children basic English and Maths, as well as organise games, crafts, and other activities that children enjoy doing.

SPYS up your Summer

SPYS Up Your Summer Music Fest_7
The SPYS Summer got off with a bang on 28 June. Well, perhaps more a drum beat than a bang, the 'SPYS up your Summer' music fest was organised at the Independence Gardens, Sliema, in collaboration with the Sliema local council. The whole event was organised with the aim of collecting funds for the Salesian projects in Ghana, Kenya and India which will be visited by 17 Maltese volunteers in the coming months.