Good Communication Builds a Stronger Team

KFE Session_2
For the third consecutive year the Kummissjoni Festa Esterna Fgura (a group who organize the village feast in Fgura) invited SPYS to lead one of the sessions during their annual live in. The live in took place at Savio College, Dingli.

Lifelong Engagement After Voluntary Experience

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Vienna, Austria (17th - 20th November)

Ghana, Ethiopia, Mexico, Bulgaria, Russia, Belgium, Poland, Holland, India, Sudan and more were all visited by different youths, and now all these youths met in Vienna. More than 20 youths from all around Europe spent 3 days in Vienna and had the most inspirational, motivating and fun weekend.

Educating the Young through Sport

TLTS November 2011_1
Between the 11th and 13th of November, SPYS organized a weekend seminar at Savio College in Dingli with the theme Touching Lives Through Sport. This seminar is also registered as an optional credit at the University of Malta.

Nineteen young people attended the seminar and had the opportunity to learn about the organization, the planning and the running of sport-related activities which help children between the ages of eight and twelve develop their physical, social and mental skills.

Our Experience in Kenya: An extract from my diary


Enhancing Youth Mobility

Enhancing Youth Mobility 2011_3
18th Oct 2011 - Two SPYS participants have attended another Don Bosco Youth-Net (DBYN) seminar in Groot-Bijgaarden, Belgium.

A Recipe for SPYS Success

SPYS Team 2011-2012
Forty-five members from the various task groups involved in SPYS, came together for a
weekend of formation and team building. The weekend was held in Marsaxlokk, from the
30th September to the 2nd October.

The weekend started off with a treasure hunt in the village of Marsaxlokk, with each team
working together to complete all the tasks on their list. In this atmosphere of laughter and fun,
the participants, some of who were still new to one another, began to bond.

SPYS Organise Welcome Back of Maltese Volunteers

"World Café was a creative development of the annual Welcoming Back event. This year's edition was organised by the group SPYS (Salesian Pastoral Youth Services) and co-ordinated by the Youth Commission within the Church (KDZ)." 

Our Fantastic Experience in Chhota Udepur – Gujarat – India

Volunteering India 2011_10
The experience of a different culture, which keeps you primarily shocked upon seeing so many different things; the smiley faces; the beaming looks; the incredible hospitality; making an effort to look similar to the locals; the feeling of being appreciated for every tiny gesture you make - All this makes our voluntary experience one which we will surely never forget.

An experience to remember in Ghana

Ghana 2011_7
24 July marked a big day for SPYS, as 13 volunteers departed to Ghana and India for a month's voluntary work. The group in Ghana, which like all other volunteers had attended the SPYS preparation sessions between February and July, comprised 2 SPYS members and 6 other volunteers. While in Ghana, the group helped in the organisation of the Summer Camp in Adentia, a village of about 5,000 people in the Sunyani area.

Youths Engage in Senglea - 2011

YES Group Photo_2
In line with the 2011 European Year for Volunteering, Salesian Pastoral Youth Services (SPYS) through YES - Youths Engage in Senglea, organised a two week Summer camp aimed at offering an opportunity for young people to learn through non-formal methods. This project was funded under Action 1.2 of the European Commission's 'Youth in Action' Programme

30 participants, aged between 12 - 14 were divided into the following four teams:

1. All Stars;

2. Party Sheepers;

3. The Shufflers;

4. Kumlilumla