Teamwork Session - St.Thomas Moore College

Twenty nine boys, aged between fourteen to sixteen were eager participants in the Team Work Session held on the 25th of February 2010. SPYS were contacted to organize this session, by Mr.C.D'Amato who was organizing a live in for a group of boys from Kullegg San Tumas Moore. The boys participated and enjoyed the tasks set for them. Afterwards, they were made to think about how their actions and those of others affected the team. Some important take home messages were mentioned and hopefully the boys will use what they learnt in their everyday lives.

Haiti Cries

Haiti Cries_2
On Wednesday 10th January the Jesuits collaborated with the Salesians of Don Bosco to organise a fundraising event, to raise money for the Salesian Community in Haiti. Haiti Cries included a football tournament, in which several teams competed against each other, as well as a plant and book sale. Hair braiding and face painting were also organised. A drum circle livened up the atmosphere, with two professional players leading any volunteers to put together a tune. SPYS also prepared several fun games for the children present, but due to the bad weather, these could not be held. SPYS however had a football team that took part in the football tournament, disappointingly they got nowhere close to the final! The bishop of Gozo Mons. Mario Grech celebrated mass for all present. The Final amount collected until now is 175,000 euro. This collaboration was a succesful one and was all in the name of a good cause.

written by Bettina Gauci

2012 - The END ?

2012 poster discussion
2012 - The END ? This was the topic that was discussed at the cineforum held on the 28th January for the Senglea youth, that SPYS were invited to organise. Three members from the SPYS team, prompted a discussion about 'the end of the world' by using clips from the film 2012. Christian values, appreciation and living in the present were all discussed. Different views regarding our attitudes' to today's lifestyle were also reflected upon. There are plans for further discussions on controversial topics to be held in the coming months.

Volunteer... Step Forward!

Info Session 2010_1
A brand new year, and a brand new opportunity to think of others and actually take action. After weeks of preparation, the annual volunteering information session was held at St Patricks, with the main theme being that of having an opportunity to do something for others in 2010. The session brought together more than 50 youths who showed an interest in volunteering in 2010.

The 2010 Pasta Night

Pasta Night  January_2010_8
On Sunday 10th of January, Savio College was alive with chatter, music and laughter – the SPYS and friends annual pasta night! Fr. Paul began the evening by celebrating mass, which focused on the Baptism of Jesus and what baptism means to us today. The guests enjoyed their pasta, whilst listening to the live band, which created a relaxed atmosphere. Afterwards the band organized some games which required both music expertise and the ability to sing! Everybody had a good laugh and hopefully will be eager to attend the next SPYS and Friends activity.

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Written by Bettina Gauci

Fundraising Calendar 2010

Fundraising Calendar_2
Ghana. A different country in a different continent, with a different culture. Through SPYS, six youths spent last August with the Salesians in Ghana, where they carried out voluntary work with the children over there. On their return, it was decided to create a 2010 fundraising calendar, using photos taken by the group during their experience in Ghana.

The result is a wall poster calendar, which is being given out against a donation of €8, with each month on a separate page full of photos and memories. All proceeds in excess of printing costs will go towards a fund to be used exclusively for projects in developing countries that will be visited by Maltese youths volunteering through SPYS.

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written by David Leone Ganado