Send Off Activity for 2010 Volunteers

Send 0ff 2010_3
What started off back in January as a six-month journey for prospective volunteers reached its climax on Thursday 1 July, when the annual send off activity for volunteers was held.  This event, which was hosted by the Franciscan community at Dar Frate Jacoba, in Marsascala, brought together the SPYS.int team, this year's volunteers, and those closest to the volunteers, including parents and friends.

Car Wash in aid of YES

YES Car Wash_1
On the 19th June 2010, the volunteers working for the Youths Engage in Senglea (YES) Project organised a car wash at the GS Superstore in Naxxar. The objective of the car wash was to serve as a means of fund raising for the project. The volunteers managed to collect a good sum of around € 430. Avoiding the grueling heat outside with the carwash organised at the GS Carpark, the spirit and enthusiasm of the team was evident and made the event a successful one.

An Adventure Around the 3 Cities

Adventure at the Three Cities_ 1
On Sunday, eve of the Sette Giugno celebrations, the picturesque cities of Cospicua, Vittoriosa and Senglea were the set of the latest SPYS and Friends activity. This time we decided to go treasure hunting. Three teams started off the quest in different locations equipped with just a map and a set of questions. The hints led the participants to roam up and down the streets of the Cottonera, discovering monuments, Knight’s buildings, churches, and many other interesting facts about this part of Malta. It was more like a walk through time!

Training course “Empower and Involve” in Benediktbeuern – Germany

From the 4th to the 11th of April, the training course "Empower and Involve" took place in Benediktbeuern. It was organized by Don Bosco Youth Net and sponsored by the EU "Youth in Action"-Programme. 25 participants from 13 countries came together to learn more about project management and how to actively create new projects, both in their respective home countries as well as around the whole of Europe.

Facing Life's Challenges

Life's Challenges Session_10
Everyday, each and everyone of us faces different challenges in our lives. This was the theme chosen for the session which was prepared by SPYS for St. Patrick’s School fifth formers. This one day session was held on Monday 29th March at the Salesian Oratory in Dingli. We kicked off our day by dividing the boys into two teams and they were given a number of outdoor challenges.to tackle. Afterwards the boys had a group discussion on the challenges they faced. The boys pointed out the necessary key elements needed to overcome such challenges.

Did you.. Ringy Dingy?

Ringy Dingy Party_1
Haiti. 12 January 2010, 16:53. The word 'Normality' took an entirely new meaning in Haite, where the earthquake wiped out the majority of the Salesians' buildings in the country, including the vocational school and orphanage. Fast forward to 27 March and you could... Ringy Dingy to help raise funds for the Salesians' relief efforts. Congratulations and thanks go to the organisers, sponsors, and all those who made Ringy Dingy, a party with a 50's and 60's theme, a success, including of course all those who attended. Suffice to say that €1,925 were raised through Ringy Dingy!

Lenten Talks 2010

Ezercizzi 2010_3
As a preparation for the Holy Week, SPYS&Friends organized Lenten Talks between the 22nd and the 24th of March. Using the theme of “Changing Latitude, Changing Attitude”, together they presented and evaluated the three main steps of our lives’ journey; Preparation for the journey, Difficulties throughout the Journey and Reaching the Summit. Each day was concluded with a short reflection by Fr.Charlie Said in which he applied the topic of the day in a Christian aspect in today’s life. With the help of a live band, mimes, videos and a numerous attendance, a great atmosphere was created for this important time of the year.

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Speaking Up - Youth Advocacy as a Tool for Active Citizenship

In March, between Tuesday 11th and Sunday 14th, the Don Bosco Youth Net held a seminar titled ‘Speaking up - Youth Advocacy as a Tool for Active Citizenship’. The three-day event was held in a Salesian Monastery overlooking the small village of Tuchoměřice, which is located just outside of West Prague. Since SPYS is a partner of the Don Bosco Youth Net, two SPYS members were invited to act as trainers. Two other SPYS members participated in the seminar along with 24 representatives of Salesian Organizations from 12 EU Member States.

A Youth Ministry Gathering for the Three Islands

Youth Ministry Gathering for the 3 Islands_3
A youth ministry gathering for the three Islands; England, Ireland and Malta was held between the 5th and 7th March 2010 at Savio House in Bollington, UK. The main aim proposed by the UK and Irish youth ministers mainly Fr. James Robert Gardner and Fr.Paddy Hennesy was to explore the question of evangelization in our youth ministry by taking an inner look into the life of Don Bosco as being an evangelizer himself. 24 Salesians and Salesian lay workers, sat around a table to share and reflect on existing initiatives in our Islands.

Being prepared from A to V… olunteer

1st & 2 nd Preparation Session_5
It would be fair to say that, following on from the successful information session held in January the SPYS preparation sessions for prospective volunteers are now well underway! During these sessions the prospective volunteers have, to date, started to get to know each other while at the same time learning about the Salesians and Don Bosco’s preventive system of education, trust, teamwork and team building. Needless to say, all this was done in typical SPYS fashion that has included ice-breakers, videos, activities and simulations, together with discussions and moments of reflection.

These sessions and their dynamism would not be possible without the hard work and efforts of the SPYS.int team, a group of former volunteers who now prepare others for the journey they themselves hope to undergo in developing countries. Having said that, the commitment and enthusiasm shown by these prospective volunteers makes all that effort worth it, and nothing would please the SPYS.int team more than to have this very challenge of preparing a large group of enthusiastic youths for their own journeys!

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