Working Together as a Team

Team Building Session for Savio College Form 3G_1
It was a cold afternoon as we headed towards the steps of Savio College to prepare a session concerning the theme of "Team Building". A crowd of enthusiastic boys entered the hall with eager faces. They quickly settled down as we explained how "pass the invisible ball" worked. After some time, when they got the hang of it, they quite enjoyed it and the hall was filled with loud voices and laughter.

Together Each Achieves More

Team Work Seminar 2010_1
On the 3rd of December twenty seven bubbly teenagers, started off their last weekend live-in, as the Form 5s of Immaculate Conception Tarxien. SPYS were invited by Ms.Mannyx on behalf of the Immaculate Conception school to offer a weekend seminar for this group. The seminar was held at the Archbishop's Seminary, Rabat.

‘Glocalising’ International Volunteers

Group Photo
Valdocco, Turin (18th - 21st Nov.)

Inspirational, energetic, fun, motivating, are just a few words to describe the great experience we had at Valdocco, Turin. Besides being in the European Youth Capital of 2010, Valdocco was chosen as a venue because it is the place where Don Bosco started his movement.

Becoming a Better Team

Teamwork Session KFE Fgura November 2010_8
During the weekend of the 19th to 21st of November a Youth group from Fgura, ‘Kummissjoni Festa Esterna Fgura' organized a live-in at Savio College.

Training Future Don Bosco Youth Net Trainers

 Don Bosco trainers for Youth in Action- Malta November 2010_1
For the second time in its history Don Bosco Youth-Net ivzw has organised a training course to train new trainers. Don Bosco trainers for Youth in Action was a 6-day training programme which develops the competences of the participants to become active as a trainer on European youth projects within the framework of Don Bosco Youth-Net ivzw. The training course was build-up as a modular system. For each module during the week there was theoretical input, practical training, evaluation and individual coaching.

Touching Lives Through Sports – October 2010

During the weekend between Friday 22nd and Sunday 24th October, SPYS (Salesian Pastoral Youth Service) organized a residential seminar at Savio College, Dingli. The seminar entitled ‘Touching Lives Through Sports' aims at teaching young adults how to educate and develop children's creativity and physical education by means, and with the help, of sports. 

Twenty young adults attended this weekend seminar. Most of them are University of Malta students and chose this seminar as an optional credit. The others decided to attend since they constantly work with kids.

DBYN unlocks its potential

Unlocking the Potential - Munich October 2010
What has Don Bosco Youth-Net been doing the last 3 years, and what has the future in store for us?  These were the 2 main questions on the evaluation meeting “Unlocking the Potential”.  The meeting brought together 25 people from 12 of our member organisations.  The meeting took place at the Salesianum in Munich, from the 13th to the 17th of October.

Touching Lives Through Sport - Optional Credit Open to All University Students!

tlts poster 2010
Dear friends!
SPYS is opening its doors once again for University Students and anyone interested in joining it's weekend seminar "Touching Lives Through Sport" [22-24 October 2010 and 25-27 March 2011]. No matter what course you are in, this seminar is available as an Optional Credit - and if you have chosen your credits already - you're still in time to include it in your Add/Drop Form next week (the code is PHE 2014).

Summer 2010 Will Remain Cherished in my Heart for a Long Time!

India 2010_4
Summer 2010 will definitely remain cherished in my heart for a very long time! SPYS offered me the opportunity to experience 4 weeks in a rural town, Chhota Udepur, which lies in the western side of India.

Together with my friend Darinka, we lived in one of Don Bosco's boarding schools which caters around 800 students, of which 367 are boarders. These children all come from poor villages and form part of the Rathwa tribe.

Dream, Dare, Do…

SPYSteam 2010/2011
This was the theme for the annual SPYS weekend held on the 17th, 18th and 19th September. Friday night, under the stars in a peaceful atmosphere of Ramla Beach, the SPYS team had time to reflect on their dreams for SPYS. They let their imagination run wild, about what they would like to achieve for SPYS, if they could.

The theme ‘Dare' was started off on Saturday morning, with a ‘Casino' scene where bets were won and lost. A variation of ‘Truth or Dare' also helped SPYS to tackle sensitive issues within the group.