SPYS Christmas Gathering

Christmas Party 2009_8
Monday 14th December was a special day for SPYS. It was supposed to be the usual meeting for the SPYS team, but instead all those involved in working with SPYS were invited over for a special Christmas gathering. Around 34 young people actively involved on different task-groups gathered together for a special reflection entitled 'The True Meaning of Christmas'. Using videos, songs and stories a creative reflection was prepared for everyone to reflect and pray in the spirit of the real Christmas meaning.

From Experience to Action - DBYN Seminar for International Volunteers

DBYN Experience to action
“From Experience to… Action”. That was the title of a seminar organised by Don Bosco Youth Net for international volunteers from the network’s organisations, one of which is SPYS. I was fortunate enough to be one of the participants in this workshop, held in Munich between 19 and 22 November 2009. The programme kicked off with the volunteers, many of whom had not met before, getting to know each other.

SPYS and Friends:: Went on a Mission

On a Mission_19 November 09
November’s activity organised by ‘SPYS and Friends’ took us a few minutes walk outside of Manikata on the picturesque cliffs overlooking Golden Bay. Our prayers were answered as we couldn’t have asked for better weather on a lovely Sunday afternoon! A few hours before the activity, some of us where on the cliffs, making the final preparations. The activity involved hiking, team building tasks, getting to know each other better and also collecting ‘ammunition’ for a final skirmish!!! Forty of our friends decided to join us on this little adventure.

Take a Lead Seminar

Take a Lead November 2009
Our mission is to develop and implement a programme of holistic formation for young people. This was put into practice during the last ‘Take a Lead’ weekend seminar organised by SPYS in November 2009.

Every year, this seminar takes place at Savio College, in Dingli, and this year attracted eighteen participants coming from different age groups and backgrounds. One of the main aims of this weekend seminar, is to help young people understand better their own personality which would then lead them to understand better and enhance their relationships with others.

Global Issues Training

In life we experience things but how do you go about talking about your experience? How do you go about sharing your experience? Things that have caused heartache and pain, things that have made us cry, that have made us happy, things that have also affected our life patterns. We share many of our experiences. Indeed, making the most and sharing an experience might be difficult in the beginning but once you are willing to share it than people will be willing to share it with you too.

SPYS.int Brush-Up their Teamwork

When a group is too busy preparing and implementing things throughout the year… it is easy to forget about the needs of the group itself. With SPYS.int being a dynamic task group of young returning volunteers, thus with new blood joining the team every year, it was inevitable that after its fourth year of sending volunteers, the group took the opportunity to have a teambuilding activity organized to better the quality of the service it already provides.

You(th) for Human Rights – Belgium

Yout(th) for Human Rights Congress_1
An international youth congress was held on 15th to 18th October in Oasecentrum, Dilbeek, Belgium where over 50 youths from around Europe contributed views and experiences related to Human Rights. All these were done in relation to the Preventive System.

Four Maltese participants had the opportunity to be part of this congress. Christina and Dawn from SPYS, and Claudia and Robert from DBVS represented the Maltese Salesian Community. Throughout the congress different workshops, international markets and information meetings were held where the participants gathered further knowledge regarding the topic.

SPYS Feature - Musbieh ghal Riglejja

SPYS&Friends - Will the true you please step forward?

Who Am I Session 2009_19
October's SPYS & Friends Session had a different feel as the team aimed to bring forward the topic of 'self-discovery'. The session named 'Will the true you please step forward?' consisted of several stages, through which the youth in attendance had the chance to explore more their inner-selfs & come more into contact with what makes them who they are. Each stage gave the attendees a chance for self-reflection using different mediums, mainly: music, colours, pictures & videos. The evening ended on a positive note as the message brought forward was that whoever we are we are precious and have purpose - "When we strive to become better than we are - everything around us becomes better too!"

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Meeting of Volunteers with Archbishop

Meeting of Volunteers 2009_3
On the 8th of October, KDZ (Kummissjoni Djocesana Zghazagh) commissioned a meeting for all Maltese volunteers who offered their time for others during the summer. Gi Fra Floriana organized and coordinated this year’s meeting which was held at Magazino, Valletta.

The program was a varied one, with monologues, live music from the band Foot Prints and sharing of experiences from volunteers. Tara Elese Galea and David Leone Ganado represented SPYS during this event, where they both shared their experiences of the days they spent in India and in Ghana respectively.