Eurotreff 2000

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It is certainly an experience worth living! Around 160 young people from 10 different European nations shared a week of sharing, relaxing, praying, playing, sightseeing… Vienna was the ideal place for EuroTreff, the intercultural youth encounter held during the second week of August. The city provided a cultural, varied and well-organised backdrop to the event taking place in Don Bosco House at one end of the city.

The organisation was in the hands of a group of 30 young people most of who were in their late teens and early twenties. They were not only well co-ordinated and extremely helpful, but they were very creative both in the type of programme they set up, as well as in the various mini-shows they created to entertain those present.

Pentecoste 2000: Letting their Light Shine...A Jubilee celebration with a difference.

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Those who work closely with young people know only too well how important it is for them to mark special moments of their lives in a significant and meaningful way. If what they do does not satisfy their thirst for creativity then you have lost them. On the other hand, give them something that will capture their imagination and you will find that they will respond enthusiastically.

The present year of Jubilee is such a special moment and the animators of the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service (SPYS) sought to mark this year in a significant way. And what better way then to go to the roots of the origin of our Christian Faith?

Education through sport

Education through sport was the theme of the two weekend seminars organized by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service this scholastic year. The weekends, entitled 'Touching Lives through Sport', were held at the Savio College, Dingli, last October and in March this year.

The participants explored the physical, psychological and social aspects of the growth process of children and how the leader can help or hinder this development. In fact, the attitude of the leader often determines whether the child is built or broken through involvement in sport.

More than just a Dream : Formative Weekend for Youth

Dreams and ambitions are at the heart of many young lives.. yet for others life doesn't seem to hold much promise. One of the first steps one has to make in order to discover meaningful dreams and their possible actualization, is to understand what is really going on mentally and emotionally. Only then could meaningful realtionships be built with the self, others and God.

These were the central themes dealt with during a seminar,' Hajti..Skop u Holm', organised by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service in Savio College, Dingli. 32 young people from Malta and Gozo attended the weekend seminar which was held in April.

A time to relate

Twenty-seven young people from Malta and Gozo participated in a weekend seminar dealing with the development of meaningful relationships. During the weekend organized by the Salesian Pastoral Youth Service in Saviio College, Dingli, the young people explored the qualities which help and those that hinder the growth of healthy relationships in all aspects of life.