Different Goups..Different Places.. SAME Spirit

All the different Salesian groups met for a whole evening on Saturday 11th October for the first ‘Salesian Animators of Malta-Encounter'. There was an amazing and interesting treasure hunt where every group had the opportunity to learn and familiarise themselves with the other Salesian groups. Later on, after the treasure hunt came to an end, everyone celebrated mass together as one united family. The idea that every powerful action started with a simple idea was highlighted. This showed how a small spark of creativity can create something very beautiful.

#DareToSPYS Weekend

SPYS met for another annual weekend this September. Amongst other things the focus of the weekend was to discuss creativity within the SPYS context.

It was an eventful, creative and relaxing weekend where different members of SPYS got to share, create and imagine different ideas.
Special thanks goes to everybody who made the weekend possible. These weekends surely bring us all closer together. #daretospys.

Volunteers Welcome Back

Every year, a number of youths take the opportunity to volunteer some of their time and venture outside of europe as missionaries. This year was not different, and a group of 14 volunteers responded to the Call for Volunteers organised by SPYS. SPYS.Int held preparatory, formation meetings and team building sessions, as well as helped us organise fund raising events for the projects that we were going to be working on in Kenya and in India. SPYS.Int members supported and encouraged us in all aspects of the preparation that entails when visiting a country to work as a volunteer.

I'm No Longer the Same

Visiting an African country to work with children in a different environment, culture and traditions was my lifelong dream. Finally on 1st August 2014, after some bumps in the road, I landed in Kenya and was on my way to St. Theresa Development & Rehabilitation Centre in Naivasha. A centre offering rehabilitation, education, care and love to abused children aged between 5 and 15 years. This year 14 volunteers from Malta, Egypt, Canada, Czech Republic and Slovakia came together to organise 4 weeks holidays for the children.