“All Aliens" - Step 1 Exchange

The experience of the Exchange named "All Alien" that was held in Benediktbeuern, Germany, was one of those experiences that you couldn't miss. The training course was about immigration, hence, the name "All Alien". This was so, because of the experience of feeling alienated when you are part of a different group or culture.

SPYS Volleyball League Champions

For the third consecutive year, the Salesian Volleyball League took place from November 2013 till the end of May 2014. Although this league gathered six teams consisting of 6 to 8 players, each playing against each other, only two teams held out to the end of the league. The final game was held on May 29 at around 9pm between Cookie Monsters and SPYS Volley who played and fought until the end of the game, for the winning cup. One could also appreciate the effort and energy of both teams throughout the game.

Mdina Hunt for Appogg Employees

The sun was out and it was quite breezy in Mdina when a group of APPOGG employees from the Child Protection Unit met for half a day of team-building sessions led by SPYS.

They were 11, all geared up with a competitive attitude between them to make sure that whatever the challenge is, they win. All of them wanted to win.

Camping in Style

I always admire the SPYS leaders for the dedication, effort and enthusiasm they put in all the activities they organise... and the camping was no exception! The time we had there was very well planned with inclusive activities which prepare us for our voluntary mission abroad. The activities were informative yet fun for everyone! Not to mention that they also thought of bringing food for everyone, making sure we are comfortable at all times and also giving us some break time so that we could talk and bond more with each other.