Team up to Lead Oratory Weekend

During the weekend of the 21st,22nd and 23rd March, twenty five youths, oratory helpers from the Sliema Oratory, participated in the Team Up to Lead Weekend Seminar organized by SPYS. Friday evening the group participated in a number of games, which helped them get to know each other better and to start off the weekend on a positive note.

Re-elected on the Administration Board

Along side the seminar ' The Oratory as a way of life' there was the General Executive Body of the DBYN meeting where we now have a new president - Francesco Bagliolini who has been working in the board for the past number of years.

Malta was re-elected to be on the Administration Board together with 3 countries - Poland, UK and Spain from the 13 which form the whole network. These 4 countries together with the President and General Secretary will take the bigger responsibility to thrive the network forward.


The Oratory as a School for Life

The Oratory as a School for life was a 4 day seminar which took place in Rome between the 13th and the 16th of March. Ryan Bugeja, a member of SPYS, was part of the organising team whilst David Camilleri and Mohamed El Bakry were there as participants. The seminar consisted of various sessions regarding the EUROPE2020 and the targets the EU will be trying to reach in the coming years to tackle problems such as early school leaving in the young. The seminar was very well structured and the sessions were lively and interactive. The Maltese contingent even got to meet Fr.

SPYS Mid Yearly Weekend

[G2:7796]On the weekend of the 15th and 16th, SPYS members gathered for their live-in at the Salesian Live-In Centre in Sliema. This was the first live-in to take place this year to plan ahead for the SPYS calendar. During this live-in members from different sub-groups of SPYS have the opportunity to meet up, this serves as a team building activity as well as to plan for the year ahead.